4k Filming

Shot on Panasonic Gh5 in 4k

10-bit Colour

Royalty-free music available for project

Hollywood film techniques applied to filming


All-in-one package

All photos shot in RAW and processed in Adobe Lightroom

Photos also shot on Panasonic Gh5 with Sigma 18-35mm (Canon) glass. 

See the before and afters here.


Cinematic colour grading to make your project look like it is straight out of Hollywood.

Adobe After Effects text graphics

Aerial Photo + Video

And my absolute favourite category, my drone work. 

Shot on the DJI Air 2s.

Filmed in 5.3k 10 bit Log format.

Fully licensed and insured to fly and film in the EU + UK. 
This means I’m allowed to fly legally so you won’t get sued haha. 

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